Aug 27, 2018

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Aug 24, 2018

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Aug 23, 2018


Explore our factory and learn about the hands that make our shoes. Read More

        Located 250 miles out of São Paulo, Brazil, Franca has been manufacturing shoes since the 1950's and is regarded today as the capital of footwear production in Brazil.

        When I first started thinking about building a brand, it made sense to me to source production in my native Brazil. I wanted to start small and support a local family owned factory in an environment that I knew was safe and responsible.

        Our factory is owned by a third-generation family of artisans that are committed to quality and fair practices across the board. All of our suppliers are sourced locally from artisans and tanneries through Brazil.

        Patternmaking is something very special to me, as it's the foundation of our product. It's a delicate process and every centimeter matters.

        We are committed to contributing to a better world, and ensure our product is as ecological as possible. Our leathers are not chrome tanned, meaning no toxic waste or harmful chemicals are generated. Any leftover scraps are donated to Franca NGO, a non-profit that empower women through arts and crafts.

        Our packaging is made of unbleached post-consumer waste, and it's easy to be broken down and recycled again. 

        Quality control inspections take place at every stage of the production. From the arrival of materials to packaging. Our process ensures the highest quality product.

        As a brand owner, it is important for me to be hands-on throughout the entire process and ensure our passion and vision are present in every detail.

Thank you for your support.


Honesty - Insatiable curiosity - Love - Generosity - One soul - Quality - The gift of truly listening - Respect - The taste of nature - Truthfulness - Inherent goodness in every single person - Equality - Unobtrusiveness - The smell of your favorite flower - Less is more.


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