Shoe Care
We hope you get many miles on your shoes, here are some recommendations.

We recommend that your local shoe repair shop applies thin rubber soles to your new shoes. This will protect and waterproof your soles and prevent sliding or skidding. This will enable your shoes to have a much longer lifespan. 
It is normal that overtime some types of leather may become dry and lose some of their original finish. To avoid and/or fix this, we recommend that you regularly apply a thin layer of leather conditioner cream and buff lightly with a clean white cloth. It will gently clean, condition and preserve the finish of the leather. This will help you keep your shoes soft and clean for years to come. 
Do not apply leather conditioner on suede shoes. Do not clean suede with water.
Be sure to store your shoes in an area that is not exposed to light or heat, including natural sunlight. It can cause the color to fade and the material to dry out.
Because all of our shoes are handmade, some variations and imperfections are inevitable, and characteristic of the process. Shoes made from natural materials, especially animal skin, are also prone to present variations in color and texture.

Calf, Croco, Lizard, Patent:
Clean it using a preferably white clean damp cloth, wipe gently to remove any dirt.

Suede is a leather that has a sensitive soft surface. 
To clean suede, use a soft suede brush and brush gently, smoothing down the fibers always in the same direction.

Because our shoes are not waterproof, we recommend applying a colorless protective suede sealant spray to help repel water and dirt as suede cannot be polished. This coat only lasts a certain amount of time, so remember to reapply from time to time. 
In case they get wet, dry with a soft, white, clean cloth and let them dry in a ventilated room leaning against a wall, with the toes pointing up. 
If the interior of the shoe is damp, pack the shoes gently with newspaper. Do not expose to any kind of heat including hair dryer or heaters.
To treat a liquid spill, pat the area with a dry clean cloth and then apply a layer of cornmeal or talcum powder on the stain. Let it set for at least 4 hours, then gently brush the dried powder with a suede brush.
For dry stains, rub with a kneaded eraser or a fine emery board. For heavier stains, blot with white vinegar and a clean towel. Repeat as needed until stain disappears. This can be used on water and salt stains.
If your shoes have been soaked through, take them immediately to your local shoe repair shop for professional treatment.